Saturday, February 26, 2011

You all know how it works by now...

I disappear for a month or more, return sheepish, apologize profusely for disappearing, and rinse and repeat after that post.

Well, I had more or less planned on having a hiatus last term. That is, I hadn't thought about it beforehand, but when it ended up happening I was okay with it. That's what happened my first year at CCM as well. But this term I had not planned on it. I have a post in the works on culture shock as a musician, but alas, it may have to wait for two more weeks, until the end of this term.

I have been, and remain, so busy. Last term I played in orchestras, workshops, chamber groups. This term I've played in an opera, an orchestra concert of Rachmaninoff 2 and Dvorak Cello Concerto, and broken very briefly into the world of church gigs. Then another oboist at the university had to have his appendix out, and there suddenly was an oboe shortage! I've picked up three gigs from him, and between now and March 11 I'm playing in my college orchestra, Bach's St. Matthew's Passion, another orchestra concert, Bach's St. John's Passion, a chamber orchestra, and Brahms Requiem.

And I still have to get my school work done!

So my apologies, I'm very sheepish, please forgive me. In short, I am loving my course, and Oxford is fantastic oboe-wise as well; there is so much music here.