Thursday, February 18, 2010

For a short month, February sure has a lot going on during it.

"Let me explain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up."

~My audition (oh gosh, was that already more than two and a half weeks ago?) for the CCM Spoleto festival went quite well. I managed all of the tonguing in both La Scala (even the low ending scale!) and the Mozart concerto exposition, and played both probably better than I ever have before. The slow Scala and Don Juan went well also. I didn't miss a single note, which should be routine, but is in fact still cause for celebration for me.

~I played Britten's Rape of Lucretia and loved every minute of it. Well...perhaps not every single minute, but the vast majority of them! Even the days with two rehearsals or shows! I can't say that I was always happy with my playing, partially because I was killing a reed about every two rehearsals, and there were a couple technical passages I never quite got, but oh, did I have fun. I love being backstage and in a (real!) pit and things like that, being in the secret working areas of the stage. And the EH solo at the end routinely went quite well. I also really enjoyed playing with the conductor, who is fun in the pit while still being consummately professional, and the singers were naturally superb. And it was fascinating playing in two different orchestras, alternating shows. The two experiences were actually very different. Playing in opera pits continues to be probably my favorite thing in the entire world.

~(Something which I would like to come back to- I felt very confident, generally, while playing the opera, and actually felt more free to play loudly and to lead. I hope that I can transfer this back over to both orchestra and solo playing. I felt very competent, in the "professional and capable" sense rather than the "mediocre" sense.)

~(Another thing to which I would like to come back- the incredible emotional power of this opera, particularly the uncomfortable combination of inevitability and agency when playing without the singers.)

~My recital is next Friday. I'm currently alternating between mildly stressed and completely terrified. Which is about par for the course, really. However, I played through my program twice today, though not straight in a row, and it went fairly well both times, so I'm feeling pretty good right now. Once was even in front of a (very small) audience!

~There has been an absurd amount of snow, and with it school closings. It's nearly like being in high school again! I only hope that the rumored snow storm on Sunday is merely a rumor- I have an auditionee friend staying with me this weekend, and she has to be able to get home!

I may not return until after my recital! If not, wish me luck (and endurance!)


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