Saturday, May 16, 2009

My recital!

I've uploaded the videos of my recital here.

(This was recorded on my digital camera, and I did not know before hand that my camera would only record for three minutes at a time, or that the battery would only last for 45 minutes of a 50 minute recital. Thus the questionable sound quality, the odd breaks in the middles of movements and the fact that the Concerto only has three movements. )

I'm particularly happy with the first and third movments of the Bach, and the first and third movements of the Concerto. The Dring is by far the weakest of the three, partly because I changed reeds and partly because it was the point at which my nerves caught up with me, though I must admit I'm much happier with it after listening to the CD of my recital.

I do think that this is a fair indication of my playing ability, which I'm pleased about. Yes, I can play the pieces with fewer wrong notes, and yes, my tone slipped a few times and my reed started to go a few times, but in general, I played near the best of my ability, especially in terms of tone and intonation.

Any and all comments are welcome, whether praise or concrit. :-)

If anyone would like to hear the fair copy of my recital, I would be glad to get you a copy.

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