Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Six things about me:

Patty ( tagged me to post "to write six things about me, personally, that my readers might not know."

1. I hate mayonnaise with a burning passion.
2. I lived in Germany for two years.
3. I have very long hair. I wish it were a dark reddish-brown, but it's actually a sort of generic very dark blonde/light brown color.
4. I'm absolutely crazy about fantasy and some sci-fi, both books and tv. Some favorites include
Robin McKinley, Buffy, Neil Gaiman, Doctor Who, etc.
5. My favorite color is jewel tone red, and I like to dress my bedroom up like I live in a Pre-Raphaelite castle.
6. I collect elephants. I have absolutely no idea how or why this started, other than the fact that I made a stuffed elephant in 8th grade Home Ec.

I would have posted this sooner, but my sister came to visit me this weekend, and was able to switch her flight to one five hours earlier than her original one. While this was very nice, and much more convenient, it meant that many things I'd planned for Friday afternoon did not get done. She was here until Tuesday, and I've been catching up on things Tuesday afternoon and today. I do have a post to make about my first (surprise) Bach rehearsal, and playing on masterclass on Monday, but it will have to wait. If I go to bed now, I have time to practice before class tomorrow. :-)

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Patty said...

Thanks for playing! :-)