Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The waiting is finally over!

I've passed my history and theory diagnostics, and taken my audition. Tomorrow classes and orchestra start. And I am so excited.

The diagnostics weren't nearly as bad as I was expecting, merely because they were multiple choice rather than the short answer I'd been led to expect. I only wish that I could find out more specifically how I did on each test- you only needed an 80 percent to pass, and "P" or "F" was all the information you were given. Nevertheless, I am very glad to have passed out of the remedial classes, since the classes you're required to take are another round of review classes. I begin with 801 and 801, Early Music and Post-Tonal Theory. While I was expecting the history and theory classes to line up, I will say that these are the two classes respectively that I'm most looking forward to finishing with. While I like early music, I've had two overview classes on it in the past two years, and one of my classes my last semester at school was post-tonal; we even used the same book. At least, though, I'll do well in the class.

I'm also taking a seminar on Broadway and opera, which I'm excited about. I love writing papers connecting music on the pop side with music on the classical side or modern music with historical music, and hopefully I'll get to write one for this class.

Oh, yes, I'm taking "piano for dummies" as well. I'm actually looking forward to it, as I do enjoy playing piano, musical books and such, but have long since forgotten most of my training.

Having signed up for classes, I have also now been able to purchase Microsoft Office for a ridiculously low price at the bookstore, access library resources, and pay my bill. I still have to find a work-study job, but now that I have Word I can work up my resume and do so.

I had my audition on Saturday, and found results out yesterday. Orchestra and band placement here uses rotations, so audition results are almost meaningless, but I'm perfectly happy to start out my year playing a lot of Tchaikovsky in the top orchestra. I only wish I knew what part I was playing in each piece! Rehearsals begin on Wednesday, and there's no sign of music. Unfortunately, my rotation means that I probably won't have any chance to play in the pit for an opera, but perhaps next year.

I wasn't thrilled with my audition, missing the high F# in the Mahler, and losing the more sparkling tone that I'd been cultivating in my practicing, but it wasn't a bad audition either. Clearly it was serviceable, at least.

I've been enjoying Cincinnati's culture the past couple weekends, going to the Celtic Festival and Oktoberfest with some of the other CCM students I've met and having a really good time. The Oktoberfest in Cincinnati is apparently the second biggest in the world, second only to Munich's (the original).

And I've even found another oboist here who plays on a Howarth! Success. :-)

Tomorrow I'll let you know how my first classes and rehearsal turn out. Today I'm going to make reeds, as all of mine practically committed suicide yesterday.


C.J. said...

Do you play on a howarth too? Oooh! Fellow Howarth person!

racheloboes said...

Yep, I am the proud owner of a Howarth oboe and English horn. And at least for oboes, I don't think I could ever go back to Loree.