Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Counting down the days...

I have now moved into my apartment in Cincinnati, and begun my two weeks of waiting until orientation, which starts on the 15th. I've discovered that I don't have a bill until I register for classes, I cannot use my student ID to buy Microsoft Word from the bookstore for a very low sum until I register for classes, I cannot use the library proxy until I register for classes...the list goes on. This is slightly frustrating. However, I was able to get my student ID (in which I look approximately 15) late last week, and as of today I have a very awkwardly sized locker and a key to the absolutely lovely reed room. They have TWO gougers! And three pregougers! And lovely cubbies so that I don't have to do strange things in order to fit both my instruments and my music and whatever other various and sundry items I need into my locker. I believe that tomorrow I'm going to soak some cane and go try out the gougers. I'm quite excited about this. :-) I've also discovered the music library, which is quite nice and full of spooky little corners, strange staircases, and flickering lights. And a huge amount of instrumental music. My only complaints are the lack of comfy chairs and the fact that it's not actually in the music building- UVA spoiled me with that. Still, those pale in comparison to the much larger number of books.

I have also learned that I will never need to attend a football game, because if I choose a strategic practice room I can in fact see the scoreboard from there. I in fact learned this not by accident, but because they have been testing the speaker system in the stadium. They've chosen to do this by playing a clip of recording cheering/yelling/chanting that's about two minutes long. On a loop. With a half second of silence in between. I say they're testing the speakers because the reason must either be that or that they're trying to slowly drive the music students insane.

I made several reeds just a few days before moving here; I know that reeds always change drastically in different locations, but I figured that since Cincinnati is pretty much parallel with Fairfax, and has pretty much exactly the same weather, it might be all right. It was not. My reeds dramatically died, after which I revived them for a day, after which they all dramatically died again. Especially in the upper registers. I have to say, that wasn't the best start to my "practice very, very hard for your scary conservatory orchestra auditions" schedule. And in fact the first batch of reeds that I made here also were significantly lacking in their upper registers, which is problematic, considering some of the music I need to play. Mahler 1. The Strauss concerto. However, the fact that I made a reed today (*knock on wood*) that can handle the entire Poulenc sonata, I think perhaps my reed making, and particularly my upper register reed making, is acclimating itself. Thank goodness.

I must go now, as the music library in which I'm typing is about to close, but I'm back for good with my oboe blogging.


emilyoboe said...

your new school sounds awesome!
practise rooms with windows and what sounds like a reasonably large and very well-equipped reed room. (my schools' is a retrofitted practise room. very tiny) It's unfortunate that you can't get anything done without being registered, but I'm sure you'll be able to keep yourself entertained with reeds and the music library :)
have a great year! I look forward to reading about it.

racheloboes said...


It is indeed a surprisingly roomy and well-equipped room.

Thanks! Do you have a blog yourself? (Your profile's hidden.)