Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Fourth of July

The reason for the lack of posts is that my life has been very full lately. I've had my sister's graduation, helped my roommate move, packed, moved up from my apartment down at school, gone back down to clean and help my roommate finish moving, and done a lot of shopping for things for my new apartment. Now I have to finish shopping for my apartment, move into my apartment, and then a week later leave for my trip to Britain.

Oboe practicing seems to be getting left by the wayside (along with computer use), and now it's caught up with me. Oboe withdrawal. This combined with my whirlwind last week has finally resulted in my feeling cranky and anxious, so tomorrow I plan to sleep late, and practice. And possibly read a book, depending on what else I have to do.

I finished work last Friday, and as a going away present, my boss bought me a gig bag. I've never had one, resulting in the awkward oboe-music-purse-waterbottle carry, so this is really a love gift. I'm quite sad to leave the job, and look forward to my name showing up on a couple of pieces as they get published, and on the Mozart Society website as credit for my mad German proofreading skills. :-)

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