Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Not Dead Yet!

It seems like all I do lately is apologize for disappearing. (Not that I'm planning on it, but I promise if I ever do discontinue this blog I will let you know.)

My life recently has been fairly boring and unmusical, until Sunday, when I graduated and it started being taken up with work and a side of maudlin. Now that I've got a schedule going again, though, I'm going to get my practice schedule back on track and gouge a lot of cane before I leave and have to give the school's gouger back. Mostly these past two weeks haven't been worth writing about, but I do promise that soon I'll let you know about graduation. (And my graduation day surprises!)

One brief note before I go get some sleep:

I learned in this podcast about the Dies Irae that the score to Disney's The Lion King was written not only by Elton John, but also by Hans Zimmer. I've always like that score, and now I just like it more. The (a?) use of the Dies Irae in the movie can be found here around 2:20; also note the opening English horn solo. Now that's why I love my instrument.

Again, I will be back! Hopefully tomorrow!


C.J. said...

Congratulations on graduating! Off to CCM! Woohoo!

racheloboes said...

Thanks! I'm pretty excited! :-D