Tuesday, April 8, 2008

11 days

There are 11 days until my recital, so I'm alternating between feeling very prepared and panicking. Last Thursday I started doing full run-throughs, which are making me feel much better: I can feel myself making progress as I end up less and less utterly exhausted by the end each time. I don't have much to say right now about audition preparations, but I don't hate my music and I usually don't despair of my musical abilities, so I think I'm doing pretty well.

I've submitted my programs, and sent my poster off to the copy shop, I have a stage manager (though no ushers yet), my strings have finally got what they're wearing straightened out. All I have to do now is organize the reception, and keep practicing, which is good because my week is about to get quite a bit busier.

It's concert week for the Berlioz concert, and my last of my undergraduate career. I'm not sure yet if I'll get sniffly after the concert or if I'll move straight on to "6 days until my recital!"

I hardly want to say anything about reeds, because at this point I'm worried about jinxing myself, but I'm certainly having good luck with the school's gouging machine. I was actually quite worried that, as the results are quite different from the cane I'd been purchasing from Jeanne and liking, I would suddenly be unable to make any successful reeds. But I think that my reeds have actually been better for the change. At the very least they've been better suited for the highly dramatic (and frequently a little wild-edged) music on my recital program; the tips are longer, I think, and the reeds are coming out brighter but somehow more controlled.

Last week and weekend I played a gig with the school chorus, which was great fun. I played second oboe on Beethoven's Choral Fantasy. I had never heard the piece, which takes the emotional tricks which frequent the symphonies and removes everything else, but I really loved it. It was a little insubstantial, and Beethoven blatantly stole from it to create his Ninth Symphony, but it was certainly effective. And the moment when the full chorus, 6 soloists, piano, and full orchestra played a fortissimo chord which shifted from c minor to C major? Utterly wonderful. It was a really good gig, actually. The orchestra was very small (strings in 3s), and, with the exception of three students, all professionals. Plus, it was pretty amazing to be able to play accurate dynamics in a piece with a choir.

I'm still waiting to hear back from CCM - though Dr. Ostoich did return my email and let me know that he's still waiting to hear final decisions, but that I'm among the top students on the waitlist - and still vacillating about what I'll do next year assuming that I don't get off of the waitlist.

Over the next few days I'm going to post the program notes for my recital up here. It may seem a little presumptuous to think that anyone wants them, but when I was doing my research I was really struck by how little information there was online about the pieces (For example, a few times when searching this blog came up fairly high just from me mentioning the pieces), and program notes are a very convenient format.


Patty said...

So I found a few recital announcements that I'll bet are for you. I don't know if you want people to know your full name, so if you want the URLs, let me know! Both places list two different dates and times ... which is why I thought I'd let you know.

I was alerted to these because of my google news alerts. (Just so you know I'm not stalking you or anything!) :-)

racheloboes said...


Can you email me the links? My email is of [dot] polyhymnia [at] gmail [dot] com.

(I don't know if comments would do this, but I'm just trying to avoid having my blog come up in google if someone were to search my school or teacher, say)

Patty said...

I sent it, but I hope I have your email correct! Let me know if it arrives, okay?

I haven't a clue if comments would show up in google or not either, but you are better to be safe.

Of course I would still advise never blogging anything that could get you into trouble; there are no secrets! :-)