Monday, March 10, 2008

And now for some waiting.

On the one side, I am now completely done with grad school auditions, and can concentrate completely on my recital. On the other side, I was incredibly disappointed in my audition at Mannes. I didn't realize how much the school was over my head until I walked into the practice room hall. It seemed to be the day when all of the oboes where there, and I got psyched out and couldn't get centered again before I went into the audition. Also all of my reeds (nine of them) stopped working. I don't know what the cause was, because NY was about the same temperature as DC and didn't seem wildly less humid, but all of the opening squished down and I couldn't get my nice warm and controlled tone to come out, only my whiny and squeaky one. Well, that's not entirely accurate. After the first piece I played I used a second reed, which sounded much better, though still not my best. (Back in C'ville, two of the reeds have died, and all the other seven sound lovely.) I'm just really disappointed in myself- I loved the school, and, though the reeds impacted my audition, I completely let my nerves get the best of me. Also, I didn't get to play either of my two best pieces. They let me choose my first piece, so I started with the Mozart Quartet, which is a good warm-up/ feeling out the room piece as it's not nearly so touchy as Paladilhe or Poulenc and not so finger intensive as an etude. However, they then only had me play the Gillet etude, during which my nerves ran away from me with embarrassing result, and two excerpts, Ich habe genug and Roman Carnival. At least I sounded really nice on the etudes, particularly English horn, which I closed with. Also, I got to "meet" Elaine Douvas (principal oboe, the Met) and Tom Stacy (EH, New York Phil), not that the audition panel even took the time to introduce themselves to me.

Aside from that, I've had a gig playing EH in a Bach cantata with the Rockbridge Choral Society, which went very well. It's a good group, and all of their instrumentalists were very talented. The other two oboists and I decided that oboists have a "look"- we all looked familiar to each other despite never having met. Thoughts? I also had a gig playing a piece with choir at a church, which was unremarkable.

I've just come back from spring break, during which time there were very few people in the music building. This, then, would have been the perfect time to paint the floor of the building containing the practice rooms. The first day after spring break is NOT the perfect time to do this; it's not very fun to practice when you feel sick from paint fumes.

Next (and final) orchestra concert we're playing Symphonie Fantastique, which I am incredibly excited about. I'm playing 2nd/EH and picked up my music today.
-No EH except for the mvt 3 solo
-I'm tacet for mvt 2, the ball, which I really like
+I get to play the Dies irae theme and the witches sabbath idee fixe theme
Anyways, it's one of my favorite pieces, and a great way to go out with my orchestra.


C.J. said...

If it makes you feel any better, my Juilliard Audition back in 98 was like that. I walked in, and they were already furiously writing down notes (perhaps not about me?). They never looked up. Just said a "You may begin" and "Thank you for your time." at the end. Look on the bright side, Mannes is a run-down dump of a school.

propspony said...

Hi! I just ran across your blog! I am considering a move to Charlottesville, and have some oboe questions about the area. :-)

If you aren't busy I was wondering if you might be able to email me -

If you are busy, then don't worry about it!!