Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

My Christmas Eve gig went fairly well, although it was a long program (a short "concert" followed by a service) and by the end my reed and my chops were giving out a little. Aside from that, though, I was happy with my playing and I thought my tone was pretty good. The tuning was fairly dreadful as a result of switching back and forth between the organ and the piano, and also I think because the strings didn't adequately tune to the organ's pitch. I found it very difficult to play in tune with the organ, and the strings, and the flute at the same time. Also, the flute and I had been moved from where we sat at rehearsal to behind the organ, which meant that the conductor was very hard to see, particularly when he played the piano. This resulted in one near trainwreck in Silent Night, when the flute picked a completely different tempo. I just inserted rests into my part and came in when everything had gotten back together. Still, it went well all in all, and the congregation seemed to enjoy it. The choir also was very good for a church choir; I was impressed. I approve of the director as a choir director if not as a conductor.

For Christmas I've gotten, among other things, the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra recording of Tombeau, Beethoven 3 with George Szell and Cleveland, and Leonard Bernstein doing Dvorak's New World with the NY Phil. :-)

Now I'm off to pack- I'm going to New York for two nights with my cousin and my little sister. I hope everyone else's Christmases and Christmas gigs went well!

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