Saturday, December 1, 2007

Fall semester juries were today.

I played Gillet etude #15, and Paladilhe Solo de Concert. I've been playing the Paladilhe almost all semester, and I was at least approximately ready to perform it four weeks ago at the masterclass I played in, (I'm still a little mad that I only got to play about 10 bars of the piece the whole time at that thing, but that's really not important.) so I wasn't too worried about it, with the exception of the two note issues that had suddenly appeared yesterday. But the Gillet? Gillet etudes are hard- not as hard as Singer, I don't think (For a while last year I was working on Singer etudes, but they tended to be four pages long and disheartening rather than inspiring.), but still pretty damn hard. So I was nervous about that one, seeing as I have trouble with it when I'm just by myself, let alone being graded for it. It seems it was with good reason. Oh, it wasn't horrible and it could have been a lot worse. But there were a lot of little mistakes and flubs and extra note-slides, which add up. It was certainly not the best I could have played it.

But I played that first, and followed with the Paladilhe. I'm having a really good reed day; this is probably the best reed I've ever had for the jury since, perverse things, they like to all suddenly die two days before, leaving me with that one that kind of leaks, or quacks on the low notes, or just kills your embouchure. Anyways, that was not the case today, and my reed was clear and responsive and played the whole range. Perfect for Paladilhe, where you don't need a super dark reed or a super bright reed, just one that is very clear. And I played the Paladilhe well. Very well. Expressive, and all the notes came out, even that low D which you slur to on piano from an octave up. I had one note disaster about halfway through the fast section, but it miraculously didn't ruin the rest of the piece. I missed another note or two, but ended strong. It's so rare that I'm satisfied by my performances, that they live up to how I sound in the practice room, and that this did made me really happy.

Now I have about 6 weeks to work the Gillet up, along with Paladilhe, Poulenc mvt 1, Mozart Concerto mvt 1, and excerpts, for my first audition, Cincinnati.

Tonight is our holiday concert. Yay! Bring on Sleigh Ride.

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