Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My life is crazy right now.

This past weekend was our Carmina concert weekend, and boy did word get around. Both orchestra concerts were sold out by 12:05 on Friday, and we also had about 400 people sitting in Friday night during our (highly publicized) open dress rehearsal. The concerts were certainly as full as I've ever seen- we actually had people in the standing room.

Saturday night I was oddly detached from both songs, but Carmina was still awesome. Truly awesome. YAY SINGERS.

The Ravel went pretty well, but the conductor was worried about it, and I think it showed in our playing. It was certainly not the best I've played it.

We had a few technical difficulties with things like risers and an unusually large number of brass cracks, but it was still a really good performance.

However, CARMINA. There are no words. The soloists were amazing, and the choir was just absolutely superb, and, so my secret audience connections tell me, was at no times overwhelmed by the orchestra. Success!

On Sunday, though, the Ravel was on- by far the best the orchestra has ever played it, and the best I've ever played it too. The conductor wasn't worried for that concert, and I think that helped. But I think we also just needed that one more time. It was sparkling, animated, alive, one of those words. (As everyone backstage said, wow...that was...good...how surprising.)

Carmina went well the second concert too, of course, though not quite as well as Saturday. Well, it was better for the brass, and not quite as good for the woodwinds. But the soloists were really on- I liked the soprano on Sunday as well as I had in rehearsal and better than Saturday. And the choir was in fine form as well, of course. They've been wonderful every time I've heard them. The end of the piece, though, was truly spectacular. The conductor held the last note just that little bit longer so that we all kind of came up breathless and grinning. I think some people in the audience were on their feet before he'd even truly cut us off.

It was a very good concert.

In conclusion, despite the orchestra parts, playing in Carmina is something I absolutely would not have missed. As my friend said, it's worth it for the very first word. Completely worth it.

(And people want to know why I want to be a musician. For the chance once every how many years to play a piece like this. It makes everything worth it.)

Also, we had fortune cookies with orchestra related fortunes inside, and some free tickets to the chamber concert. (The title of this concert, you see, was "Love and Fate".)

This week, I'm having rehearsals for our (student run) opera company production of Pirates of Penzance. Rehearsal which are every night from 9-12. I don't know how the cast is doing it. I'm exhausted, and having trouble finding enough time to practice and do my homework. Everything will work out, though, and I do enjoy the show. Plus, Thanksgiving is conveniently next week, which will allow me to catch up on my sleep and such.

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