Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I realize that I haven't written anything in some time.

However, I've been very busy. The weekend after the Carmina concert was the production of Pirates of Penzance, which took up nearly every waking hour of my life. Although the singers were audibly nervous on opening night, they did a really good job, and each performance only got better. The experience was made even better by the most appreciative director I've ever worked with, who bought us joke gifts, and sent out a lovely note afterwards. I'm soon going to start convincing our conductor to do an orchestra, rather than a piano, for the spring opera.

We're now working on our holiday orchestra concert, which is this weekend, and the following weekend I have a gig playing in the Roanoke Symphony for their holiday concert.

Currently, I'm getting ready for my jury, which is this Saturday, a week earlier than usual. I know what I'm playing (a Gillet etude, and the Paladilhe), but I've got only three days to really work the Gillet into performance readiness. I'm not unduly worried, though.

I've been playing English horn in a trio with my teacher and another adult oboist; we performed at a "Lunchbox Recital" (a casual chamber music program around lunchtime, where people can come and go) today and played the Beethoven Variations on "La ci darem la mano" and the third movement of the Badings Trio. It went pretty well, and there were about 8 people listening.

I'm working on the program notes for my recital this spring, as part of my Distinguished Major. I've written a draft of the ones for the Poulenc Sonata, and I think they'll turn out quite nicely. I'm using Michael Steinberg's "Listener's Guides" as inspiration. However, the notes for only that one piece are around 850 words, so I need to pick and choose what I want to emphasize. (A brief snippet:
In the Sonata, the traditional sequence of movements is reversed, resulting in a slow-fast-slow pattern which allows for a somber conclusion. As with Sept Repons, here the music is very personal, creating the feeling that “we overhear as much as hear.” The movements move from El├ęgie to Scherzo to D├ęploration, moving from the melancholic to the frantic to pensive grieving, creating the feeling of a memento mori .)

I've also been writing a couple music papers, and and my final personal statements. Yes, I have finally finished my grad school applications, and will mail them tomorrow. Now all I have is the auditions.... Well, that gives me 6 weeks until my first, and 3 months until my last.

I should be making reeds tonight, but I left my plaque(s) in my locker, making that a little difficult. Ah well, tomorrow I will catch up after rehearsal.

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