Monday, October 29, 2007

We had a remarkably good second rehearsal last Wednesday. I think it's because Daphnis and Chloe is so hard that everybody is actually practicing their music. ...In fact, I'm sure of it. Still, I'm very excited for this concert. It's very flashy. Really the only problem is that in rehearsal I end up sitting directly in front of the trumpet section. Ow. (Luckily in the concert our set-up will be different because of the choir risers.) Especially since the principal trumpet was sick, so one of the students was playing first and the others were transposing their parts. I strongly feel that if your part requires transposing, you should come to rehearsal with it transposed.

On Saturday I went to the Choral Showcase concert, featuring our mixed, women's, and men's choirs. It was great, but I had the time wrong, and got there about 10 minutes after it started. Oops.... I like hearing each choir separately, but the best part by far is when they all sing together- this year they did two choruses from Carmina Burana with piano accompaniment. Have you ever heard a choir drown out two grand pianos? I have now. It was spectacular- made me want to go jump up and down afterwards.

We've finally started pit rehearsals for Pirates of Penzance, and I'm quite excited. The director knows what he's doing, both in terms of how the singers are doing the songs and in terms of what is necessary in a pit. Our violins are as yet a little dodgy, but we have a cello and a trombone and a horn and (for the first time ever for me at school) a bassoon. It's brilliant- fl, ob, 2 cl, bsn, hn, tbn, 2 2 1 1, and a great pianist. I'm quite hopeful. Also, quite a few of us are pit veterans, and another few I know to be good, intelligent musicians. Plus, the show seems remarkably easy to put together. Perhaps it's a result of the parts being typed in a normal font and including both warnings and cues typed in the parts. Our performance space should be interesting, as the pit will be practically in the audience's laps, but at least we'll sound good!

I'm playing Gounod's Romeo and Juliet at a gig this weekend. Got the music yesterday, did all of my marking up with cuts and such, and tomorrow I'm going to start listening to the show. My teacher's playing principal, so it should be pretty easy for me.

A very tempting cd:
Lord of the Rings: Return of the King complete score recording. I bought the first two with birthday money last year. I'll end up buying this one eventually. If only it weren't $60.... It's totally worth it for me, though. Awesome music, and a very well written and quite long cd liner booklet. I'm a complete sucker for movie music a la John Williams/ Howard Shore/ Hans Zimmer.

Grad school is progressing...very slowly. I'm still only at most of one personal statement, though I have filled out the majority of my online applications. I'm fairly sure I'll play the Paladilhe and a Gillet etude on my auditions. The rest will get decided eventually. Right now I'm not even stressing about my auditions, though. I'm still stuck on those darn personal statements.


patty said...

One word about loud instruments ... no, make that two: sound shields!

It's really a requirement these days in orchestras, as we are all much more aware of hearing damage.

Sounds like a fun time for you with all that music ... and such a good variety too!

racheloboes said...

I wish we had sound shields...usually it's not too bad, but when we start getting a lot of trumpets and a lot of flutes and oboes all at once...

I really am having a blast with it. :-)