Monday, October 1, 2007

Oh dear, it's October already.

My oboe life lately is a little bit...hectic? unorganized? Something like that.

I've been sorting out grad schools and applications and recommendations and auditions and visits, but not really as much as I need to be doing.

Orchestra is going well, which is good. Our concert's this week, and I'm excited to hear the violin solo piece we're playing. I'm not playing in it, and I've been doing homework in the music library, where I actually get things done, instead of in the auditorium, so the concert will probably be my first hearing. I do know that it begins with a superb brass chorale.

I have way too much to have prepared for my lesson tomorrow. I'm finishing last week's Gillet, working on the Mozart concerto and the Paladilhe, and relearning Fantasie Pastorale. Plus supposedly working up my melodic minor scales. The Gillet is fairly ready, and so is the Paladilhe, but I just started looking at the Bozza again today, and I've hardly touched the Mozart. Plus I keep forgetting about my scales. (I'm also still supposed to be working on Le Api and circular breathing.) But, nothing I can do at this point. And it's not really like we'd have gotten to it all in one lesson anyways. (Besides, the only way that my teacher would get cross at me is if I had nothing prepared and was unrepentant about it.)

For my DMP I read part of The Oboe by Geoffrey Burgess and Bruce Haynes- there's a chapter on the use of oboe in Romantic and Modern music. It was really interesting- the oboe is portrayed as "other" a good deal of the time. It's used a huge amount in Orientalist and pastoral music, and also to symbolize female characters and voices, which provides interesting overtones considering that historically oboists have been Western males. It also should be really helpful for my program notes, which will be the only result of my research, as Taruskin's History of Western Music doesn't really have a lot of information about little known, oboe-centric composers.

My German oboe buddy mailed out my reed today, and posted some pictures. You can see one here.
I'm so excited for when it arrives. She also received mine today, though she hasn't played on it yet. I'm curious to see how it survives the location change.

Speaking of reeds, I should order a new reed knife, since I never did find the one I lost. I'm pretty much used to the old one I'm using now, but I liked my other one better. The one I'm currently using is the one I've had since I started making reeds (5 years ago? 6?), which I ruined on my first sharpening stone and then revived on my new one. But it's a different kind of knife than what I've been using, a "Wedge shaped blade" instead of a double hollow ground blade, and it's just a little weird. ...I remember when Scott told me I had to be playing on only my own reeds by the end of the semester...I think it was the first half of second year (clearly I don't remember it that well)? That was pretty terrifying. Not that it isn't still sometimes, but I quite like making my own reeds. Even if the other people's reeds that I play are much better.


C.J. said...

So where are you applying to? I got your check today. Thanks!

racheloboes said...

Right now, the list is: