Tuesday, October 30, 2007

For once, my life is boring. :-)

My lesson today was much nicer than last week's. For one, I could actually play, and sound good on, my Gillet etude. (A present for which I get to play it on my juries in a month. Oh joy.) We worked on the Mozart, too, which was nice, because (as I've said) Mozart is really hard for me. I have trouble getting the phrasing and characters and such. So it's good to play it again and again in lessons.

I was so excited this weekend, because I thought I'd be able to go to a chamber music party this Friday night. Alas, I have a rehearsal in Lynchburg that night. (I'd thought the doubled rehearsal was on Saturday instead.)

Tomorrow we've been invited to dress up for orchestra rehearsal, so that should be fun. I love costumes.

That's all at the moment, really. The rest of my life recently has consisted of midterms and papers, all with good grades and one due tomorrow which is finished, which makes me happy. (My music seminar prof loved my poem, a Pretty Polly murder ballad in the style of Walt Whitman.) Now I just have to think of what I want to write my paper on for my music seminar: analyzing a musical work and a literary work together, in four pages. I love assignments like that, but that's hardly any space at all. Probably I will end up writing on the blues, even though I find murder ballads much more interesting. Or perhaps I will write about Gershwin or Copland. Yeah, that sounds good.

And now back to your scheduled oboe/performance discussion. :-)

I have one personal statement completely done, and only about 75 words longer than the 500 word limit. Eh, it fits on two pages, no-one's going to count. Especially with a 60 word long prompt. Now to scavenge it for my others.

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