Monday, October 8, 2007

Concert weekend

So, Friday morning I predicted how this concert week would go. Namely, that it would follow the same pattern as every other normal concert weekend. didn't.

Friday night was an oddly good, polished dress rehearsal. I didn't make the myriad of stupid mistakes that usually happen the day before the concert, thereby ensuring that I will not make them on Saturday and Sunday. And it sounded like the majority of other people didn't either. Which, good that we were playing together well. However, it didn't bode well for the concerts.

Saturday, first of all, I got sick. It seems like every time I do, it's on a on concert weekend. Alas. Plus, it does make it a little harder for me to judge how things are going, since I usually get kind of spacey. The concert wasn't bad by any means, but it wasn't great. Things weren't meshing as well as they had on Friday. The Bruch Scottish Fantasy, played by our concertmaster, was incredible, though. Totally stole the show, and should have been our closer instead of the Chadwick. The second half, though, as a whole was better than the first.

On Sunday, that was reversed. The Mendelssohn was more polished and more energetic, and our concertmaster played the Bruch even more spectacularly than he had on Sunday. (Unfortunately the harpist was a little bit off from him. The Chadwick, though, was not nearly as together. It seemed like people were distracted. Plus, it was incredibly hot on stage, which didn't help. Still, not a bad concert, and we did get a standing ovation on Sunday (this doesn't mean that we were great, only that we weren't bad, which was apparently what the audience thought of Saturday's performance). The Bruch got a standing ovation on both concerts.

They didn't get him flowers, though, which was a bit strange. We get everyone flowers. Even if the soloist is a man.

(On a side note, my reeds behaved extraordinarily well for both concerts. It was lovely. Clear and clean and with a rich tone, perfect for the low pitched second oboe part in the Chadwick. ...Now to fix my EH reeds up for next concert.)

No rehearsal this week, since I'm not playing in the children's concert, but the week after that? Carmina Burana and Daphnis and Chloe. :-D

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