Tuesday, September 25, 2007

To my reed pal: your reed, which I will mail out tomorrow.

(I'm sorry for the blur. Hopefully you can see them well enough- I tried to make them large.)

Made from Jeanne, Inc. cane gouged .60-.48, Pfeiffer-Mack scrape, tied on a Chudnow S 47 mm staple. At A=440, it crows a 20 cents flat C. About 70 mm total. The side that the string crosses on goes on your bottom lip.

This is a more Philadelphia-style reed (as opposed to Cleveland), because of the very thin back, but the heart and tip extend rather lower than on a true Philadelphia reed.

This actually turned out to be quite a nice reed, so I'm a little sad to lose it. I hope it still plays when it gets to Germany.


Kerry said...

You asked: while I know roughly what the good brands of cane are, I have no idea who's got good batches right now. Any suggestions would be very welcome.

Rigotti... at Midwest Music Imports...
I buy directly from Mr.Rigotti myself..
Good luck
Kerry Willingham
(how I arrived on your site, I have NO idea!! lol)

racheloboes said...

Thanks for the suggestion!