Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Another orchestra Wednesday, here at UVA.

I love Wednesdays, even though they're 12 hour days for me. Why? Because on Wednesdays I have orchestra. (As well as 3 times a day to practice and sometimes a sectional. This last sentence may make you think I'm being sarcastic, but I'm really not.) And even though I got cheated out of 15 minutes of playing in my piece because the children's concert music went over, it was still lovely. We sound good, and we're more together, I think, than we usually are on our first concert. I suppose it's those sectionals. Anyways, I'm playing in Chadwick's Tam O'Shanter, which is a pretty cool piece- very Symphonie Fantastique or Night on Bald Mountain, what with it following along with Tam as he meets the reveling witches and devils- Scottish and demonic and ending in a gorgeous brass chorale of utmost sentimentality.

I was listening in on the children's concert rehearsal- they're playing Candide and Samson and Delilah, which speaking of good oboe parts..., among others. But I'm content not to be playing in that, despite how much fun they are, because it means I'll be playing in all of those songs I desperately need to play in.

Ah, orchestra, how it tends to make me so very, very gleeful.

In other news, I have somehow lost my reed knife inside of the music building. There aren't that many places for it to go, so I figure either a custodian picked it up and didn't know what to do with it, or someone else found it and took it.

My reeds today were all oddly resistant, as if the cane were suddenly very spongy. But there's not been any weather change to account for that. Hopefully they'll change back tomorrow.

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Rachel from Melbourne said...

Re: European style reeds, you can order them from Kexun lives im Australia but has set up a company in China where he manufactures reeds on a more commercial scale than anything I've seen. They grow their own cane. Lots of australians play his reeds. Personally I find them a bit odd as the cane that he uses can be a bit soft and fluffy, but if you want to get a general idea I recommend them. They are not student reeds. I gave up oboe for a long time and these days can't recall much about the difference between french and german reeds, but I think his are leaning in the german direction (relatively narrow shape, short scrape).