Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My computer died yesterday.

The hard drive crashed. So that's taking up a lot of my brain space.

I wasn't thrilled with how my audition for the orchestra went. It doesn't really matter- I'll get in anyways- but I wish, especially after having a bad audition last year, that I could have actually played up to my potential.

I used to think that I had pretty good audition nerves. Sure I got pretty nervous in the week or so leading up to it, but that day I used to usually be pretty calm. I'm slowly coming to realize that this is, in fact, false. I don't audition well. Which I need to get over. Yesterday.

I found out what's happening with 1512. Well, sort of. 1512 itself has been taken over as storage space for the construction work. In the ROTC room, though they've put in practice rooms. Not modules. Actual rooms with walls and doors and hallways. So yay for that.

I'm taking two music classes this semester, as well as musicianship (sight singing and dictation).

National and Regional Identity in American Music and Literature: An insane teacher but really interesting material and will be pretty easy besides- three 4 page papers in a 400 level seminar! And one of the papers isn't really a paper, more of a creative thinking exercise. Plus, this course is made for the way I write papers- Les Miserables and Music of the French Revolution anyone? (A quote from the syllabus: Some examples (God forbid) would be “J. Wilbur Cash and Southern Regional Identity in Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Freebird,” or “Images of Urbanity in the Work of Richard Wright and Li’l Bow Wow” )

Pre-Modern Music (Gregorian chant - 1500): Interesting material, boring teacher. We will learn and perform a Gregorian chant mass. I'm not quite sure yet if that's a good or bad thing, especially since the class time is up against USingers and currently the performance is scheduled for Halloween, which is a Wednesday besides. Still, should be more interesting than Early Modern Music (1500-1700).

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