Monday, August 20, 2007

Back at school: cue year 4.

I'm back down in C'ville, in my lovely apartment. This summer wasn't bad, but it's nice to be home.

I went to practice in the practice rooms today, which I like so much better than practicing at home up in Ffx. It doesn't really make sense that I like them better, because the acoustics in the room I practice in at home and the room that I practice in at my apartment have much warmer and more forgiving acoustics and because they tend to be really hot, but I do. Still, it's a bit of a shock the first time I go back to them, because my tone sounds a lot worse. But really, I'd rather practice in a room in which I sound worse than I do "in reality" than in a room in which I sound better.

Also, the weather down here has gone temporarily insane, and my reeds are reacting accordingly. It's insanely humid- you can almost feel the rain that I really hope will come soon, so I expected my reeds to be rather fat and hard, and thus darker. However, it's also 65 or 70, and I think the 20 degree temperature change has thrown my reeds off. They're not fat and dark feeling, they're actually fairly thin and bright (and the difference is not just from changing rooms- they feel thin as well as sounding thin). I didn't do very much to them, though, because I assume the weather will return to its seasonal temperatures soon. Hopefully my reeds will get it back together then.

I kind of want to make some reeds, because I have a couple from my last batch whose cane was secretly bad, but I'm leaving tomorrow for the beach and I won't be home until late Thursday, so I think I'll wait. I'll still have all next weekend before auditions, and that way the blanks won't be sitting for days.

I'm going to order some tube cane, and get my teacher to show me how to use the school's (newly repaired) gouger. I'm also slowly getting around to buying one- I think I'd get an Innoledy, as they're cheaper and require fewer steps, and as I've only heard good things. We'll see.

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