Friday, August 24, 2007

1512 Lives!

(1512 is the building in which we have private lessons and small ensemble rehearsals here, since our actual music building is very small. It's basically a really old house, and kind of run down, so there were plans to knock it down over the summer. Which would have been a much better plan had there been anywhere for the lessons etc. to occur when it was gone. They were thinking, I believe, to put up practice modules in the ROTC room (a sort of large empty concrete room kind of in the basement) and have lessons there, which would have been absolutely horrible. Luckily, though, they haven't gotten around to knocking 1512 down yet. I hope they never do...or at least not until next year. :-P)

I'm back from the beach, quite sunburned, and ready for orchestra to start already. Sadly I have to wait two weeks for that. I've been preparing for auditions, though, since even though they don't really matter (there's no way that my teacher will kick me out of the orchestra) I want to show myself well. And I don't really have a problem with having to re-audition, it makes sense. However, I ran into another of our oboists today, and he said, "Oh, yeah, our teacher told me I didn't have to do the audition, just play an excerpt for him in my first lesson." Not Fair. (I hope he makes the other oboist audition, rather than just telling me I don't have to. More audition experience is always a plus.)

I'm pretty happy with how I sounded today, and I've got all of my excerpts straightened out. It would have been a lot nicer, though, if the air conditioning in the practice modules hadn't been broken. It was rather like playing in a rain forest.

Today I also filled out my forms reserving the concert hall for my recital. Yay! Now I just have to get in touch with the person in charge of those forms, so they can tell me everything that I've filled out wrong, and how the scholarship works. (I don't have to pay any fees, including accompanist, for my senior recital.)

I'm going to finally make some reeds later. And throw out that one staple that has never given me a good reed. (The bonuses of starting my reed journal. It's pretty interesting.)

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Jessica Smith said...

dear racheloboes,

i don't know if you'll read this in time but i am a music major in dire need of some oboe help. i am a vocal major doing a report on the oboe and i have to discuss britten's "six metamorphoses after ovid pan" for solo oboe.

i have to discuss how hard/easy it is to play and why.

could you help me by giving me your opinion?!? THANK YOU!


jessica smith on facebook (at unc, i'm a music and drama double major)