Thursday, July 5, 2007

Yet another reed technique

I was introduced to a really cool oboe website,, several weeks ago, but I didn't notice until today that there was extensive reed-making info on it. I'm not sure Danna Sundet's method of scraping is working for me; I haven't really had much luck since I came home, though some of that's just this house. So I decided to try Patty's method.

She starts the tip with a very pronounced inverted-v shape, and makes a very short heart, with the unscraped portion at the bottom longer than I've usually seen. It leaves the middle untouched all the way up the reed, which I think might work better for me.
However, despite having a rather long starting length for scraping the tip, I was ending up with awfully short tips. I can't quite figure out how yet, though. I tied up three pieces, but only one actually got to the blank stage, so I might do some more tomorrow.

I'm also scraping the blanks I tied on a couple days ago, for which I used .60-.45 cane, and I'm rather quickly remembering the problems I've had with it in the past. It gives my reeds extremely wide openings, and makes them very thick-feeling and hard to control. And this is even with Danna's scrape over the spine! There's this feeling, though, that if I could only get it, they'd sound lovely and dark and rich.

Well. Actually I have one reed that feels like that, and one reed that won't work for some incredibly frustrating reason that I can't work out. It's acting kind of as if it has a leak, except that it doesn't. Crows beautifully, though. Clipping the tip almost helped, but not quite.

I really want to buy a French-scrape reed and a German-scrape reed. I think it would be really interesting to try playing on them. (I believe that the British use an American-style reed. edit: Apparently the British use a European scrape reed. This seems to be used both in France and Germany as well. It seems I was slightly confused. I'm not sure about places like Japan and Australia.)

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