Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I have an accompanist for my recital, and a hold for Old Cabell on just about the perfect date. April 19th, afternoon recital.

...*knock on wood*, just for good measure.

A few cool things:

The John Ferrillo Orchestral Excerpts for Oboe book: Oboe parts reproduced as they look on page (including page breaks), accompanied by a blurb that explains any mistakes or controversies in that part, and with piano reductions of the orchestra part. Can be found off of Amazon, as well as other places. Check out their #18 nylon thread- they have tons of colors.

Tim Goplerud: he's a contemporary composer, and he has some awesome English horn music. The coolest I've heard is a duet for English horn and double bass.


Jill Cathey said...

Hi, I totally agree with you about the John Ferillo book - I got it a few months ago and it is great. But it is only for FIRST oboe audition pieces, even the duety ones like Bartok and Haydn only have the first part. Excellent comments too.

I was reading a previous post and noticed you met Cindy Thompson at the John Mack oboe camp - she was in grad school with me and we went to JMOC I think in 1990. Hard to believe it's been so long, great experience.

Tim Goplerud said...

Hi, Rachel,

Thanks for mentioning my oboe/english horn music on your blog, it really made my day to read your commments. Drop me a line sometime at tim(at), if you're ever interested in playing any of it -- there's a complete list at I'd be happy to send you some tunes if you're ever looking for something to play on a recital.

All the best,
Tim Goplerud

racheloboes said...


Thanks for the website info! It's good timing: I'm starting to think now about my next recital, so you may hear from me soon. :-)