Saturday, July 7, 2007

Never take no as an answer from an inanimate object.

I worked on the Vaughan Williams Concerto. One of my favorite pieces, along with Poulenc (which I thought I'd save until tomorrow. Also did some Ferling, on slow numbers, amazingly enough. (Generally if I have my say I do the fast ones instead.) Number 5 is gorgeous!

I'm having good luck (knock on wood) with my "Patty" scrape reeds. Much fuller and darker sounding than the Danna ones, but I'm still getting some vibrancy. They seem to work quite well on the cork staples, too. I'm going to try some next with the Patty scrape, and the thinner gouge, and see what that does.

I was having a Music Thing last night, from watching an inspirational movie about dancing, and from reading too much written by/about other oboists, with a side of looking at grad schools. Terrifying things, really. I haven't really been practicing well, though, and that's frustrating and worrying. I really need to step it up, and keep it there in preparation for auditions. My oboe drive slipped away so soon after I came back from JMOC. I try to be motivated and have self control and what not, but I just keep losing it. I know the solution is stop whining about it and just do it already...but man, the motivation's already my world, how can I make it more pressing?

But all of that also made my oboe drive kick in again yesterday evening. And I feel much better today, especially after that practice session. Hearing yourself sound good, and capable, is always a mood booster.

Looking at all the reed stuff has been good too. I'm getting stubborn- I really want to figure out how I can get my reeds good. It's of course really frustrating sometimes, though. Reeds are really interesting, though. I'm still interested in learning more about short scrape, especially after looking around and seeing some long scrape reeds that, at least to my eye, are "shorter". I think Patty's scrape might be one of them.

I should buy the Tabuteau lesson CDs. Christmas present...

Yesterday I started work at IFTA, a summer school arts program. I'm an IA, which means I'll mostly be making copies and things like that, but hopefully when I'm in classrooms they'll mostly be musical ones.

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