Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Middling luck on reeds

No music related activities yet at work. I've been alphabetizing up a storm, though, and I found a kid whose last name is Stokowski. :-)

I didn't practice yesterday, though I believe I did on Monday, and by yesterday evening, and again today after work, I got so edgy/antsy. You'd think I'd know by now that it's "oboe withdrawal". I practiced tonight, though not particularly well, and sure enough my mood let up a lot. (Of course my mood does not rest entirely on whether or not I've practiced, and the fact that I'm "home" instead of at my apartment is not helping matters, but playing the oboe will make me feel better the vast majority of the time. It's brilliant, aside from the times when playing puts me in a bad mood because I think I sound bad in whatever various ways.)

I played through bits of Rite of Spring excerpts. They're all so pretty in isolation. I think I really need to listen to that piece again- I didn't like it when I listened to it before, but it's been ages, and I don't really know what it sounds like.

The .45 cane that I have is bad - weird and mushy - so I'm having bad luck with my gouge experiments. I'm not going to try it again any time soon, seeing as I've never really had luck with it. I'm still working on the Patty scrape; I think that once I get it so it works with how I make reeds, it'll actually work for me. But I'm still getting there. The last couple reeds have felt awfully thin in my mouth, but that's more of a cane thing than a scrape thing, the stage I was at. I've got one that hopefully will stay nice, and a couple more that are still reverting to strange every time they dry. It takes me quite a long time to get reeds to the point at which they don't do that...I don't know how other people's reeds tend to be.

My new love for reeds is strange to me, because I typically become extremely annoyed and/or frustrated by the reeds I'm making, especially in the initial tying on/scraping sections. But hey, I'm not complaining. Better reeds are every oboist's friend.


C.J. said...
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C.J. said...

What's the .45 cane? Is it .45 on the sides or the middle? Keep on plugging away at the reeds! Mack used to say the best way to learn how to make reeds is to make 1000. I think I've made 10,000 and I'm still learning every day!


racheloboes said...

The cane is .60-.45, from Jeanne. I don't know what brand their machine is. I usually use their .60-.48 gouge.

C.J. said...

We've been having an interesting conversation on the oboe Bboard about Jeanne gouge. It might be relevant to the cane you're buying.