Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The joy of Bach

Today at work I played for the intermediate band class. I had a ton of trouble picking what to play, because I feel that I don't have very many things performance-ready at the moment, and also because I wanted it to be interesting for the kids even though it wasn't a big presentation.

I played half of
Ich habe genug from Bach's Cantata No. 82, and Bacchus from Britten's Six Metamorphoses after Ovid. (I figured that this was pretty short, gave them a wide range in styles and periods, and also had the cute tie-in of B names.) I was really happy with how the Bach turned out- I had heard it for the first time at JMOC this year, and thought it was stunningly gorgeous. It's obviously not hard finger-wise, and I thought I did a nice job of being expressive and musical and period-appropriate. The Britten was a little messier, but I tried to exaggerate the mood, and I did pretty well for not really having played it since spring juries. I guess having learned it at least once before that paid off.

I kind of took a reed break, since I didn't really have time, and I was running out of cane, but I'm starting back up now. Still using my pseud0-Lorrie style- I'm trying her method of scraping to the point of stiff but playable before letting the reeds dry.

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